Gopal Bhandari

Gopal Bhandari from Gulmi, Aglung Village, is 50 years old. He came to know about opportunity of training for stove masters by Swostha Chulo Nepal in 2014. He joined the training and became one of the busiest stove masters of Gulmi. After declaring his home district as “smoke free” Gopal went with us to Pyuthan and Arghakanchi. Till today he managed to build 1200 ICS. Before he use to work as a laborer in Arabian countries, but since he can earn near his home village he prefer to work in Nepal. Gopal saved the money he received, to finance the wedding ceremony and celebration of his son in 2017. He is one of the most active stove master and one candidate for the maintenance program, that has started to prolong the sustainability of ICS in Gulmi.

Ratna Kumari Khanal

Ratna Kumari Khanal, 46 Years old, from Dhading, Nilhkanta Village, has a big family, 5 children (4 girls one son) and husband. They are farmers and owning small land, some buffalos, cattles and goats. Ratna Kumari got her training for ICS building from AEPC. Since 2015 she is working with us and had built 1202 ICS so far. Ratna Kumari saved the wages of oven works to finance the further education of her son. He went to study engineering to India last year. The girls are all educated and completed the bachelors in different subjects. Only the youngest daughter is still going to school. Ratna Kumari is proud of her earnings as stove master and is supporting her kids in education.

Sushila Bhatta

Sushila Bhatta, 45 years, from Dhading received basic training to build ICS from AEPC Organization. Since 2011 she is working with us, and had built 2937 ICS so far. In Dhading, Maidi village, she and her husband are farmers. They own small land. Husband also got training to build ICS, but is less active in that field. Sushila has sent her kids to school and for further education by the money she earned. Also they built up their house after it got destroyed by the earthquake 2015 with the financial help of Swostha Chulo Nepal. Through the work as stove master she became independent and confident and just recent she opened her own business, one coffee shop.

to be continued ...
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