SCN Swostha Chulo Nepal is NGO (Non-Government Organization) registered in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2011. In the search of prevention of burn accident, we found improved cook stove (ICS). In the process of protecting people from burn injuries we discovered multi advantage of ICS. The aim of NGO is to build as many as possible ICS in rural households to support the living standard and to improve the health of families. We are supporting the national goal of “smoke free Nepal” with our activities.

Save Lives

Traditional cooking on open fire can take lives by burn accidents and smoke causing diseases. Who survives after burn injury is lifelong disabled. Using ICS will prevent all of such burden.


Protect Health

Indoor Pollution is the reason for many different health problems, such as respiratory diseases, eye problems, low birth weight, and others. Clean environment in the kitchen will protect the health of whole family, especially mother and child, and elderly at home.

Reduce Deforestations and Improve Climate

Open fire cooking is consuming lot of fire wood and speeding up the deforestation, with all negative effects for the nature and environment. Each ICS is saving about 50% of fire wood in comparison to open fire.
Worldwide increasing of CO2 production is affecting the global warming. Cooking on open fire is one of the main reasons for that CO2 emission. Each ICS can save 1t CO2 per year by reducing fire wood consumption.