Basic material to make the bricks are; clay, cow dung, cover of rice corn and water. All is locally available.
Wooden forms are provided in the training to each stove master to make the standard size bricks for oven body and chimney.
Some iron sticks and an iron fire-gate frame are needed, to stabilize the oven.

House owner and his family have to help in arranging all raw materials and mix till it become sticky and smooth paste.

With help of the wooden forms, the bricks can be prepared. Minimum 55 cuboid bricks and 30 quadratic bricks with whole are needed for the chimney.

All bricks are dried in sunny and ventilated place (terrace or outside.)

Stove master will discuss with house owner and housewife about the best place inside the kitchen, where oven should be built. And he will lay the foundation.

Fire gate is stabilized with an iron frame, so that the fire wood will not destroy the surface easily.

Slowly the body of stove will be formed and most important is the “inside design” of baffle to make the way for smoke easy.

The chimney is integrated and constructed from the base on. Very needed is the smooth surface inside the chimney, so that no carbon particles will be stick there.

The most used cooking pot will be pressed into the soft clay, so that it will fit most perfectly, and no smoke will pass beside.

For the finishing, the surface will be covered with soft clay paste and made even.

Happy housewife and child with their ICS, they are using every day. Clean kitchen, healthy environment inside the house, reduced wood consumption and less CO2 emission are the most important benefits.

Information given by the stove master contains the handling of ICS and the maintenance duties of the user.

ID Number of stove is fixed at the door. Stove master, building date, village and district are documented.

Monitoring: Constructed stoves are monitored regularly. Questionnaires are used to find out the satisfaction of users.


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