Kiran Lama

Mr. Kiran Lama is working as a coordinator and supervisor for stove makers. He is posted in mid-west of Nepal and working in Pyuthan and Arghakanchi districts. Mr. Lama is 48 years old, married and has one daughter, and one son and three grandchildren. His home is in Nuwakot, and from there he started his carrier. He was (only) farmer with a small plot of land and he got the chance to join a training for stove making. At that time he was active within village community and helped the “Forrest User ” and other “Women Groups” with official work. Working as stove builder, he founded a local organization of stove makers and made them stronger together. They worked with AEPC and other semi government offices and got support from them. But after completing one big project there were no new follow up project, and he became again farmer. At that time he started to work with SCN, it was 2013. First he organized the small group of stove builder in Ramechap and slowly he became our supervisor and trainer for many stove makers in the mid-west area of Nepal. Nowadays he is leading the work in Arghakanchi. He completed the Districts of Gulmi and (he was not main person to complete Gulmi,it was Mr. Bista) Pyuthan, in order to cover most of households with smoke free cooking stoves. Mr. Lama is one important pillar of the SCN work in the western districts. He is always ready to stay for weeks and month fare from his home and is organizing all works with the local representatives; he is giving trainings and supervision to the stove maker and is reporting regularly to the CSN office in Kathmandu.