Bel Bahadur Tamang

Bel Bahadur Tamang was born in 1964. He is married and has got three children, two sons and one daughter, also he has one grandchildren. He hand his family is living in Kavre Palanchwok District near the tourist spot Nagarkot. Bel Bd. was farmer, but with less land so that he could not make the livings for his family. In 2003 he received training how to build smoke free stoves by clay bricks. He became very interested and completed himself more than 3000 oven in different areas and villages. After receiving some additional trainings, he became expert in his field an got permission to build ICS (Improved cook stove) all over Nepal. He built institutional oven for schools, canteens and organizations. One Example can be seen at the police canteen in Sankhu. Since the very beginning of SCN Bel Bd. Tamang is working with us. He started the trainings for first stove maker and provided the supervision and guidance for many of them. He is coordinating the work in the eastern districts like Kavre, Ramechap and Dholakha. He is ready to work in other areas of Nepal and enjoys traveling. Mr. Tamang is our strongest pillar in teaching new stove makers or for refresh training for the experienced stove masters. He trained some years ago his son, who is working often with him together. Bel Bd. Tamang is very strong. He has to walk sometimes long distances. He travels by motorcycle to reach the fare places (Dholakha). In field work he has to adjust to the village living. His biggest earnings are the happy housewife when she is using her new, clean and healthy oven made by SCN.