Anita Badal

Anita Badal was born in inner terei area of Nepal. She got schooling in Hetauda and Kathmandu and studied nursing at Lalitpur Nursing campus. Later she completed studies the Nursing- and Health Management in Germany. Anita Badal is married and has two kids’ one son and one daughter. Mrs Badal came in contact with burn accidents and burn treatment during her work as nurse and matron of SKM Hospital, Sanku. She learned about the situation of unhealthy environment in village kitchen with open fire cooking, and decided to work active in prevention. From the very beginning of SCN and also before Anita Badal worked with Ofenmacher Organization from Germany. She started with translation and coordinating the work. She set up the SCN office and managed all official work according to the rules of Nepal to work in the villages. Consequentially she became the General Manager of SCN after official recognition as local NGO in June 2011. Anita Badal´s job has many functions. She is coordinating all trainings and oven building teams together with two coordinators, official work with Nepal authorities like Social Welfare Council, Alternative Energy Promotion Center and others. Material and Equipment supplies and contact to the local workers is her daily work. Office work is never ending, statistic, documentation, correspondence and accounting and many more has to be done. Mrs Badal is working under the roof of SCN Board and do organize the regular meetings. So Anita Badal is Manager of SCN she is also member of her team. Everyone of team can come to the office and talk, share their problems and ask her for suggestion. She has never ending power and will never miss the goal out of her eyes: To help to provide better live situation for the villagers all over Nepal.